Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finished quilts

Betty W. stopped by the house the other day with several gifts and donations.  Before I show you the wonderful gifts, she brought up something that I need to address.

You see Betty had been trying for over a week to get a hold of me.  She told me that the phone just rang and rang.  

Yes it does that, because we disconnected the house phone....and for some odd reason the phone company does not put on a message saying that it is no longer a good phone number. So if the number 834-2430 is the number that you have....you won't get me.  I am not going to put my number here on the blog, but you can email me at Ruby621@msn.com and put Iowa Comfort in the subject line.

Now on to show and tell:

Betty has been busy and dropped off FOUR completed Hope quilts for donation!

Lets take a look at them:

This darling little quilt is made of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger fabric.  So very cute!  It also has the added bonus of being a quilt that can be given to a little boy or girl.  Officially this is ICQ #170.

Speaking of adorable!  This quilt is it!  I fell in love with it at first sight.  Now again this quilt could be given to either a boy or a girl.  I have a feeling that with the green alligator accompanying this quilt...it may just end up with a little boy.  I know that this little quilt is going to end up in shreds one day, from all the love that it endures.  Officially this is ICQ #171.

My camera was not being cooperative on the top picture.  Try as I may I could not get a picture of a quilt that would do it justice.  Take my word for it, this is an awesome little quilt. Cute as a button, and since it had a little black dog in the fabric, I had to send the little black poodle along with it.  Officially this is ICQ# 172.

I am running out of adjectives here!  This is my favorite of the four.  I know I shouldn't have favorites....but this quilt is so darn cute!  Cute as a bug on a rug....or and elephant on a quilt. So very bright and colorful.  This quilt is ICQ# 173. 

In addition to these four wonderful quilts, Betty sent along a few other goodies for us.

Betty sent along 12 one yard cuts for pillow cases.

So I spent this evening making pillow case kits for the community sew day on May 2.

Which brings me to a request.  I am trying to plan the food for the community sew day....so I would greatly appreciate a head count.  If you are planning on attending, could you drop me a comment here on the blog, sign up for the event on FB, or even email at the account above. I would be so grateful!

I want to thank Betty for her generous gifts and talents! Also thank you again for the toys Nancy H.

More finished projects next week....so make sure to come back next week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Community Sew Day

Way back in February, wait no late January, I attempted to set up a community sew day at the Adel Library.  I was hoping for February, would have been happy with March.....but no love!  The library was booked right up to May 2nd.  In fact it was May 2 or May 18 those were the only dates available at the time.

Now I already have a standing appointment on May 2nd.  It is the first day of the Des Moines Farmers Market.  I go every week with my Mother.  But I really need the community sew day so I booked it for 10:00 am.  I will just tell my mother that we have to do farmers market at 7:00 so I can be back in Adel for the sew day.

I have said before that I believe things happen for a reason.  Take this sew day.  I would have preferred it to be earlier in the year, where there might of been fewer conflicts and thus a bigger turn out.  In the past I have never had a problem getting the library scheduled.  So I was disappointed.....but now I see where there might of been a reason for the delay.

You see out of the blue my friend Jackie O offered to put together one of the kits that I have ready for the sew day.  It surprised me when she volunteered....but I jumped on that request ASAP.  I gave her a kit at open sew last month....and I learned several things that is really going to help at the community sew day.

You see I spent several weeks cutting 10 x 10 squares of Asian fabric for these kits.  Okay so they were suppose to be 10 x 10....,

In the kit that Jackie was putting together for me, she had four squares that were not, they were more like 9.75 x something or other.

First lesson:  Have extra squares available at the community sew day for any other miss cuts.

Jackie got the quilt put together for me and gave it to me at Circle of Friends the following Monday.  She did a wonderful job! Check it out.

All of the kits will be put together in this pattern it is the double slice layer cake pattern by Missouri Star Quilting.

In case you are not familiar with the pattern here is a link to Jenny's tutorial.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxC-0T5lXw4

Hope that link works.

When I kitted these kits, I did the math and put enough squares in the kit to make a twin size quilt.  As you can see this quilt is wide enough.....but not long enough for a twin size bed. This one will probably become a double after I add borders to it.  I don't want to add borders to the others.

Lesson 2: Go back and add blocks to the kits to make them the right size.

Had the community sew day been planned earlier, I would have had 8 quilts that were the wrong size.  Or I would have had kits that could not be completed because of miss cut fabric.

So I am extremely grateful that Jacki O offered to test this kit for me, and pointed out potential pitfalls prior to the community sew day.  My fairy quilting godmother was looking out for me, and she sent me Jacki O!

I would like to thank Fon's and Porter for the donation of the fabric that went into these quilts.  The twin size quilts were beautiful Asian fabrics.  We also have some lap size quilts made up of Christmas fabric.  The lap size quilts will be Christmas gifts for clients of the center.  Here is a close up of some of the Asian fabric.

Let's talk a minute about the community sew day.  I could use sewers, ironers and sorters.  So if you don't sew, please come and man an iron, or sort some fabric for me.

I will have 10 to 15 kits for quilts ready to be sewn together.

I will probably have several pillow case kits, should pillow cases be your thing.

I also have a basket of precut fabric that needs to be sorted by color and size.

SO as you can see we have something for everyone! Please consider coming to help out whether for an hour or for all day.

I will have some snacks for the day.  I plan on ordering in some sandwiches once I know how many are there.  So if you are planning on coming but not right at 10:00 please let me know so I can make sure to order enough food.

Hope to see you there!  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Drum roll please.....

I have the best friends in the world! Just thought I would put that out there for the whole world to know.  In case you might have forgotten I set a lofty goal of 250 pillow cases by April 1..... and it is April 1.  BTW this is a special no joking around post!

A couple of months ago I was approached by Nancy H.  She told me that she belonged to the Woman's Auxiliary of the Dallas Center Church of the Brethren. 

The group had decided to have a service day, and Nancy told me that she had purposed helping Iowa Comfort.  She wondered if there was something that her group could do to help.  She was unsure of how many would be there to participate, or what skills participants might have.

We decided that pillow cases and fabric management would be the most helpful.

I quickly delivered this tub to Nancy.  It was full of pieces of fabric that needed folding and put on mini bolts.  It also had pieces of fabric that at one point I thought might be able to be used in pillow case construction.  That tub had been stuck away in a closet for over a year.  I also delivered several bolts of floral fabric at the same time.  

I really took advantage of Nancy's friendship, and I do feel guilty.... this was a monumental task.  My only saving grace was I told her use what she wanted and to feel free return whatever they didn't use.

Nancy and Joyce worked on that tub prior to the service day.  Ironing, cutting and sorting.  Preparing kits for sewing.  When they couldn't find a coordinating fabric they searched their own stashes.  
They raided there own stash frequently.  I know I don't know every fabric that I sent to them.... but I know a lot of it was not in that tub.

The day came for the group to meet.  Joyce joined the group and there were ready to start whipping out pillow cases!  Many sewed, several ironed, some folded fabric on mini bolts. 

There efforts were amazing!

Okay just in case you had trouble counting them.  There are 20 pillow cases in all but that last photo.  For a total of 106.

Officially these are pillow cases 149-255. 

The left over fabric was placed on mini bolts for future use.

I can't thank the ladies enough for all their help and contribution to the pillow case challenge.  Special thanks to Nancy for thinking about Iowa Comfort and organizing this service day.  Also thanks to Joyce and Nancy for the fabric contributions they made to complete the pillow cases. 

Joyce also took these kits at open sew and got them all sewn up for me.  Like I said I have some awesome friends.

Officially they are pillow cases 256-264.

Jan M.  found this fabric in her stash and she decided that they would make cute pillow cases. 

Officially they are pillow cases 265-266.

Jean V stopped by earlier this week and dropped off these.  She wanted to make sure to get them to me prior to the April 1rst goal. 

So bright and beautiful.

Officially these are pillow cases 267- 281.

These last two cases were made from my stash.  I have at least 30 more kits to get made up.  I plan to work on them over the next month.  First I have to learn how to use my new serger. 

Officially they are pillow cases 282 & 283.

So as you can see we hit our goal!  I want to thank each and every person that helped.  The center is so grateful.  We will never know how these gifts will brighten someones life.

Now I am going to be greedy, just putting it out there in the universe.  If you were planning on assisting in this challenge but hadn't gotten to it yet.  Please go ahead and make up a pillow case or two.  The center could use up to 500 pillow cases a year...I just couldn't ask for that many by April 1....but maybe by Dec. 31.

Thank you all so much for your generosity!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Marcia and Diane

A couple of posts ago I told you that I was taking a trip up north to pick up some pillow cases from a couple of gals in my online quilting group.

We decided to meet in the middle.  As luck would have it Diane lived right about in the middle. So we decided to make it a ladies afternoon and have lunch together.

This group is getting together for a retreat later this year.  The plan was that we were going to try out a restaurant that might be able to cater in two meals a day to us.... leaving us more time for sewing!  Best laid plans... turned out that the restaurant was closed that week.  I think spring break probably played a big part of that. 

 No worries though we did not go hungry.  Diane had already prepared a yummy salad for us..... AND she had a cheesecake for lunch.  I am so grateful that I have friends that were not offended that I could only have 2 small bites of cheesecake!!!!!

Diane stayed behind the camera....but I think you can tell from the photo below how the afternoon went.  My sides hurt for a couple of hours from all the laughing we did.  I think I am going to need to do some planks to get ready for that retreat later this year....or bring lots of Aleve with me.  :-)

Not only did Diane play hostess for the afternoon.

She also whipped up some pillow cases for our challenge.

Some were adult themed, some were children themed.  All will be loved and used!

Officially these 18 pillow cases are 69-87.

Marcia has a unique personal challenge going on this year.  Earlier this year she turned 60.  She decided that she was going to celebrate all year long by doing 60 activities of fun.  One of the activities was to sew up 60 pillow cases and donate them to a local charity.  Shortly after she came up with the list of activities for the year I put out this challenge.  So Marcia moved up this activity to help reach the goal.  All I can say is that she must of had steam coming off that serger!  Once again we have a wonderful mix of children and adult pillow cases.  All truly beautiful and wonderful!

Officially these are pillowcases 88-148.

You would think that the pillow cases would be enough.... I think it was above and beyond enough....Marcia talked with her father Stan. You see Stan loved a good auction or yard sale.  When there were bargains, Stan snapped them up.  Stuffed animals happen to be something he found on a regular basis.  Marcia convinced him that Iowa Comfort might be a good place to donate part of his collection.  So these guys came back to Marcia's house where she got them all freshened up by washing and drying them.

Now the real fun was the day after my ladies afternoon.  It happened to be grocery day and I hadn't unloaded my car yet.  Which means hubby saw the back end full!  

I quickly explained that as soon as I got everything photographed that I would get a delivery over to the center.  (I had just got everything into one room, and now I had things spilling over into other rooms again.) Lucky for me Marcia and Diane told me I could use their photo's so I could get that delivery made quickly.

They were so grateful for the pillow cases!  I have to say though it was the toys that touched them so much on that day.  They were getting ready to make Easter baskets for the children, and they were having issues filling out the baskets.  These toys came at the perfect time.  I know each and everyone is going to make a small child happy this weekend.  Love it when things like that work out.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

April 1 is right around the corner

Last Thursday was Adel Quilting and Dry Goods open sew day.  Actually it is both Thursday and Friday, but I only go on Thursday.

I knew going in that I was going to work on pillow cases.  I had several already pinned, and I had another 10 that was cut and ready to go.

Little did I know that there was going to be a pillow case factory going on Thursday.

Sue D. was at open sew.  You might remember me telling you about her, she is allergic to sewing pillow cases.  Fortunately for me, she is not allergic to cutting them.  So Sue went to work on her stash of flannel and kitted 14 adorable pillow cases.

Here they are ready to be sewn together by someone.... and since I had already dedicated a chunk of time for pillow cases.  I decided it might as well be me.

Here they are all sewn up and ready for delivery.  These cases are so soft, warm and cuddly.  They are also much prettier than the ones I was working on from my stash.

Officially these are pillow cases 44-58.  Whoot Whoot we are a little over 25% to our goal of 250 by April 1.

I also had cases that I had cut from donated fabric.  I worked on them over the weekend also.

Not nearly as pretty as the ones that Sue kitted, but still very functional and most of these are in pairs.  So they could be used on a family bed if need be.  You will notice on these the cuff and the body of the case are the same fabric, then I added a pop of color on the flange.  Remember there are no rules for this challenge.... okay so there is one....done.

Officially these are pillow cases 59-68.

While at open sew Joyce took several cases to work on for me.  I will show you those in the next couple of posts.  Nancy H also brought me some goodies for a future post.

I am heading out today to have lunch with some quilting buddies from Northern Iowa.  They have pillow cases for our challenge.  It will be good to catch up and have some laughs.  There is always laughing when Marcia is around.  {wink wink}

I have 10 more pillow case kits to work on this week.  My goal is to do 2 a day.  These 10 are flannel so I am waiting for my machine to come back from the repair shop.  My regular machine is much more sturdy than my traveling machine.

Thank you Sue D, Nancy H and Joyce S for your donation of material, talent and time.  You guys are just the best!

More donations next week!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

finished ICQ # 168 and 169

So this is still show and tell from before my visit from my sister.  I was trying desperately to manage fabric.  So I was concentrating on fast and furious and panels were at the top of that list.  Now this little panel is upside down.  For what ever reason I was unable to get it turned.  I picked this one because as I work on Hope quilts to finish I am trying to alternate between boy and girl quilt.  The two quilts in the previous post one could go either way, one was a boys quilt and this one is a little girls.

Officially this is Iowa comfort quilt 169

After finishing 3 Hope quilts I turned to a bed size quilt.  This was a panel that was donated to us.  It is actually a queen, and will either be used on a housing family bed or will used as a family transitions away from the center.  As a resident leaves the center, the center assists in setting up there new housing as much as possible.  

Iowa Comfort quilt 168

Jan M. graciously did the binding on this quilt for me.  Jan has been so generous over the last several years with her time, stash and talents.  She is a true friend with a generous heart, thank you so much.

Jan  also donated these six pillow case kits from Adel Quilting and Dry Goods.  I plan to get them sewn together this week.

Mark your calendars.  I am planning on having one community sew day on May 2, 2015.  We will meet in the large room at the Adel Library from 10:00 am to around 3:00 or 4:00 pm.  I have several kits that I am hoping will can get pieced for future quilting. Most of them will be bed size quilts, although some of them will lap size quilts that can be used as Christmas presents at the center. 

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

ICQ # 166 & 167

This is going to be a quick little post, with some show and tell.

I have been really busy since Kellie left working on customer quilts.  As of last night I am all caught up on those customer quilts.

I plan on spending the week working on sewing pillow cases together, and maybe making some doggy pillows and or blankets.

Prior to Kellie's arrival I did have a couple of projects completed and now is the time to show them.

This little panel was donated to us.  I decided that it didn't need to be cut up and I could just quilt it as is.  Officially it is Iowa Comfort Quilt 166.   I sent along a Harley bear that was donated by Theresa H, as the companion buddy on this quilt.  I thought maybe it would keep the bears on the quilt company.  

I learned how to machine bind on this quilt.  I still am not real good at it....but thank you to my teachers Celia and Jan!

Another little panel that I just quilted up quickly.  

If you look closely you will see that the backing on both quilts are the same.  That is me trying to be time efficient and manage fabric.  
Although the top is of a sail boat, the back had bears on it....so I sent along another Harley bear with this quilt. This one was a little boy bear, I thought it only right since the top said "It's a boy".

Penny W. mailed these 4 pillow cases to us, to help our challenge.  They are bright and cheerful, and as you can see these cases do not have that little flange on them between the cuff and the body of the case.  Now I only bring it up to remind everyone that there are no rules for this challenge.  All one color, flannel or cotton, flange or not....the only requirement is that they are done.  Preferably by April 1, 2015, but I will take them after that.  

Officially these are pillowcases 40-43.

I want to thank Celia and Jan for spending time teaching me how to machine bind.  I expect to be using that method on all of our Hope quilts in the future.  I think with the amount of washing they will be getting that machine binding will serve them better.

Thank you also to Penny for the pillow cases, I hope you know that you have brought joy to someone in the near future.